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Frequently asked Questions

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Questions about Unit Hire

  • What can I store?
    You may store any item from 'tools to household Items' provided that these items are yours to store and that they do not provide a risk to other users or the general public eg: YOU CANNOT STORE motor vehicles or any sort of combustable items. Any you must have your own insurance cover for the items you store as you store these items at your own risk and we will not be held liable for any damages relating to stored items.
  • Is there a minimum term of hire?
    Yes! The minimum hire term is.... One Month!
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?
    Yes, we take a refundable deposit equivilant to the first week unit hire cost. After this we take payments weekly via a Direct Debit process. We cannot give you a receipt immediately after we take your cash deposit, as it must be logged on our system. We will email you a receipt for your deposit as soon as possible thereafter.
  • Does your company have a cancellation Policy?
    Yes! Please see below: CANCELLATION POLICY - Updated April 2018 Customers must give us 'One Week' notice to quit in writing! The notice to quit will not take effect until we have sent a written acknowledgement / reply back to tthe customer The customer must vacate their unit prior to giving us a 'NTO' instruction and they MUST NOT have left any items behind in their or any other vacant unit they may have access to as we may charge the customer for the disposal of said item/s left behind. Before the 'NTQ' instruction will be acted upon, we must have received the customers access keys to their hire unit. The customer may arrange an official hand-over of thier unit and access keys to us simply by calling our main number and getting a member of staff to come collect their key and inspect their empty unit. Alternatively by prior agreement with a staff member they may agree to drop of their access keys to a particular place or a nominated person, all must be done with the advance agreement of a staff member. Storemann Ltd, agree to ensure that the customers weekly payment plan is cancelled at the earliest possible time oncve the above elements of the 'NTQ' criteria have be met. Please note: If a notice to quit is received mid or part of a weekly hire periiod, it will not take effect until the start of the following week Where a notice to quit has been sent to us and acknowledged by a member of staff, please note that, payment for that particular week may/will still be taken to cover the hire period, a refund will not normally be given as payment is in the system and cannot be recalled ! If you have any queries about our cancellation policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • What is the lowest price of Unit Hire?
    Our Prices start from £20 per week for our smallest unit which is 2m X 2m X 2m and our most expensive unit hire is £75 per week but this is a Unit sized 7m X 5m X 2m For the full range of prices we charge go to the 'UNIT RENTALS' button on the menu bar and choose Prices from the drop down menu.
  • Do you have onsite parking?
    YES & the answer to this one. We do not have long term parking onsite, but our customers are able to open a shutter door and then drive directly into our temporary onsite parking area. This will then facilitates our customer being able to load / off-load their storage items into their Unit away from prying eyes, inclement weather and within the confines and the security of our facility!
  • How do I pay for my Storage Unit?
    After you pay an initial deposit to secure your choosen unit, you will be given a link to our partner payments platform, where you need to sign up to acquire your own account on the platform. this will allow you to be in control of your ow information with it. We will then connect our Storage Hire payment plan to your platform and once activated it will take a weekly payment from your bank account via the universally approved Direct Debit method! Contact us for further information about this payment process.
  • Can I hire more than 1 Unit?
    Of course, depending on availability, we are happy to offer you more than one unit hire at a time. Especially if you are a business or corporate entity and may have needs of more than one unit to store your files, office furniture etc...
  • Where can I find more information about your terms?
    That's easy...Just go to our main menu and go to the "Information" menu option and then choose Licence agreement.
  • Do you offer discounts of Unit hire?
    We do not have a specific policy around this, but we are open to discussion given certain criteria, like long term hire of a unit or perhaps hire of multiple units. It is best to call us and ask the question!
  • What about security?
    We take security very seriously at our facility and we have 24/7 canera surveilance onsite and we work closely with the local Fiure station and Police station to ensure that we offer the maximum level of security to you 'Our Customers' and make every reasonable effort to ensure that your items are securely stored with us!
  • Can you recommend a good Insurance Company?
    No, we are unable to offer advice or recommend a particular Insurance company. As a rule our other customers generally speak to their household insurers and ask them to cover the items they are planning to store with us.
  • When can I visit my storage unit?
    You can visit your storage unit at anytime Day or Night, provided you have your access keys. Our unit is accessible 24/7 all year round. Provided that you are one of our customers and have paid your weekly fees for the hire of your unit, then you should have no problems accessing your storage unit.
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